Development of ROTA-CAP Advanced Carbon Capture Technology

With funding from the DOE Office of Fossil Energy, potentially transformational carbon capture technology for power generation and industrial manufacturing settings is being developed and tested. ROTA-CAP™ is a scalable, integrated industrial carbon capture system that uses novel horizontal rotating packed beds and advanced solvents to intensify the CO2 capture process. Our novel mobile development skid is at the National Carbon Capture Center for full-scale testing through a partnership with Carbon Clean Solutions Ltd.

The skid is modular and can fit on an 18-wheeler, making transportation much simpler and more cost-effective. The major reduction in both capital cost and equipment size enables wider-scale commercial deployment of carbon capture systems that can have a significant impact on reducing CO2 emissions.

ROTA CAP Schematic 577x453


  • Novel integrated hardware + advanced solvents = economically viable carbon capture system for flue gas
  • New reformer process promises 35% lower cost than today’s standard technology

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