Alternative Transportation

Advancing the Use of Alternative Transportation Fuels

For decades, GTI Energy has been developing alternative transportation vehicles, engines, and fueling infrastructure. Most recently, our solutions have advanced the use of hydrogen (H2) as a transportation fuel. We have an extensive fuel cell mobility program, and have partnered with government and private industry to deliver infrastructure, vehicle, engine, fuel dispensing, and system solutions for clean fuel cell vehicles. Our researchers have developed and evaluated a wealth of innovative technologies, and led numerous demonstration projects across the nation to assess impact and validate the technical and environmental case for implementing hydrogen-fueled fuel cell vehicles.

GTI Energy is also producing alternative transportation fuels from renewable resources. Thermal, chemical, and catalytic processes can turn renewable biomass resources into biomethane or longer-chain hydrocarbons such as gasoline, jet, or diesel fuel that can be used in the motor, aviation, and marine fuel pools.

By using biomethane—also known as renewable natural gas (RNG)—as a transportation fuel, natural gas vehicles (NGVs) can increase biofuel usage and produce less greenhouse gases (GHG) than any other transportation fuel. GTI Energy's research teams are working on several fronts to foster the adoption of NGVs. We are developing technologies which support next-generation CNG and LNG vehicles and engines. Scientists and engineers are testing and developing new components and systems, and developing and deploying alternative fueling stations.


LNG training, consulting, and information resources

GTI Energy has a legacy of helping companies develop skill sets for the LNG industry. We offer an extensive slate of LNG instructor-led training courses for open-enrollment and company-specific programs, as well as LNG online/self-study courses. We have developed LNG technology and can also provide knowledge-based services that can be used to complement or supplement a company’s internal expertise in LNG.

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Delivering high-impact, value-added research and technical services


Creating Training and Guidance for Maintenance Facilities That Service Natural Gas, Propane, and Hydrogen Vehicles

GTI NGV Fueling Station

NGV Fueling at GTI Energy


Designing and Demonstrating a Hybrid Electric Cargo Transport (HECT) Truck

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