LNG Training, Consulting, and Information Resources

GTI Energy has a legacy of helping companies develop skill sets for the LNG industry. We offer an extensive slate of LNG instructor-led training courses for open-enrollment and company-specific programs, as well as LNG online/self-study courses.

GTI Energy held the first LNG Conference in Chicago in 1968 and remains one of three official sponsors. We have published the Proceedings from LNG-1 to LNG2023 and they are available exclusively by joining ClubLNG. GTI Energy's LNG publications, technical reports, and software are essential sources of information for anyone involved in the LNG business. We can also provide knowledge-based services that can be used to complement or supplement a company’s internal expertise in LNG.

Beyond transportation applications, GTI Energy has performed analytical studies of LNG equipment failure frequencies, modeled the performance of LNG equipment to help OEMs and others better understand system performance, and tested gas quality and LNG interchangeability for distribution networks.

Our researchers have developed a small-scale LNG production technology which has been licensed to Linde and is being used at the largest biomethane to LNG facility in the world at the Altamont Landfill, in Livermore, CA. The technology can create LNG from landfill gas, wastewater bio-gas, digester gas, and stranded natural gas reserves. Learn more about licensing the small-scale natural gas liquefier.

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