Methane Emissions Mitigation at Scale

As a society, we are focused on low-carbon and low-cost energy solutions. One important aspect of this is understanding the state of current methane emissions and working to mitigate those emissions.

GTI Energy is developing, validating, and integrating technologies and serving as a proving ground to operationalize methane emission technology solutions at scale. We serve as an important nexus between a diverse set of stakeholders from industry partners to federal, state, and local governments to environmental NGOs to disadvantaged communities and the general public. We bring our methane reduction expertise to assist all entities with the combined goal of efficiently and effectively minimizing methane emissions.

We are leveraging innovation and new technologies needed to detect and reduce methane emissions, to ensure we minimize climate and environmental impacts from our energy production, infrastructure, and end-use.


White Paper: Evaluation of Emerging Methane Detection Methods

December 2021

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, and understanding how to effectively measure and reduce its emissions across the natural gas value chain is a top priority, given net-zero commitments worldwide.Ā 

Key Initiatives

Delivering high-impact, value-added research and technical services

Methane Mitigation Using Linear Leak Recovery Motor Compressor

Success Stories

Assessing performance and contributing to national standards for residential methane detectors

GTI Energy is providing technical input to help establish nationally recognized standards for residential methane detectors (RMDs)…

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Commercialized Products

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