GTI at World Gas Conference 2018

GTI Staff Presentations

GTI had a slate of experts presenting at the conference, discussing real world gas industry projects that are solving key industry concerns. In addition, GTI’s Bill Liss won the Domestic Utilization Innovation Award for the Energy Planning Analysis Tool (EPAT).

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Advanced Calculation Methods to Improve Pipeline Integrity Management Daniel Ersoy Pipeline Integrity in the Digital Age
Novel Conversion Approaches for Natural Gas Dr James Seaba Innovation: Creating Acceptance for Natural Gas
Review of Research, Development and Deployment of Gas Heat Pumps in North America Paul Glanville Innovations in Residential and Commercial Gas Technologies
The Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site—Midland Basin, West Texas: A Resource Recovery Field Research Experiment in the Wolfcamp Formation Kent Perry Applied Technology and Innovations in Sustainable Unconventional Gas Development
Utilizing Natural Gas Infrastructure for Reliable and Resilient Energy Supply William Liss Innovations that Stimulate Gas Demand and Develop New Markets
Workforce Challenges for Natural Gas Field Operations - Developing Effective Training to Fill the Gap Patrick Findle Building a Workforce for Gas Industry Needs
Utilizing Advanced Thermoelectrics to Mitigate Methane at Remote Locations Abdelallah Ahmed Successful Application of Detection Technology and Methods for Methane Emissions Quantification & Reduction
Variable Rate Fracturing – A Step Change in Hydraulic Fracturing Jordan Ciezobka New Technologies to Make Unconventional Gas Development More Resilient
Reducing Excavation Damage in the Natural Gas Industry Using Real-time GIS and Sensors Robert Marros Technical and Innovation left Session: Advances in Gas Distribution Practices
Case Studies of Future Residential Natural Gas and Electrification Scenarios in Leading Low-Carbon Regions William Liss Gas: Energy Source for the Future

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