Sub-Surface Technologies (SST) Investigating and Optimizing Geological Storage and Resource Extraction

Whether for maximizing resource extraction or commodity storage, understanding geologic systems is a critical skill set. Maximizing geologic storage capacity is critical to enable the integration of renewables, contribute to grid stability, and make creation of a hydrogen economy possible. More research is needed before safe and responsible large-scale storage of hydrogen can be accomplished below ground. In addition, CO2 can also be permanently stored underground to minimize climate change impacts.


  • Design and management of large-scale field R&D and demonstrations programs
  • Joint Industry Project formation and management
  • Technology commercialization and facilitation of new technology field demonstrations
  • Laboratory studies
  • Subsurface characterization, geological modeling, and reservoir simulation
  • Techno-economic feasibility studies
  • Commercial project design and field implementation
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Advancing safe, affordable subsurface solutions for the energy transition

GTI International subsidiary Projeo Corporation provides geoscience and reservoir engineering technical expertise, experienced operational and field supervision services, and integrated project management for CO2 storage, geothermal, hydrogen storage, and other low-carbon energy projects.

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