Helping operators collect the right information, in real-time, with a high level of accuracy

Everything happens somewhere. But few organizations are really taking that location data to drive meaningful insights that will help them optimize and make better decisions.

For many years, GTI has worked with industry partners to leverage data to automate field data collection and integrate with GIS systems for use in surveys, inspections, repairs, and new pipe installations. Electronic and geospatial data has optimized the entire data management process for utility operations, replacing paper forms and records.

Join us

GTI’s GIS Week 2019 will showcase the latest updates on current GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) features and projects.

  • Product expositions
  • Demonstrations of real world applications of GIS and GNSS data from projects developed at GTI
  • Updates from the GIS/GNSS world, including emerging technology in the industry

View a more detailed agenda.

Why Attend?

  • See up-close the game-changing GIS technologies impacting the industry’s practices
  • Collaborate and network with other gas professionals; use utility-to-utility interaction and discussion to learn from each other
  • Discuss best practices and learn from industry leaders


This is a private event for Operations Technology Development, NFP (OTD) and GNSS Consortium members. If you would be interested in attending a similar event like this in the future, or would like to receive information from GTI on GIS/GNSS technologies and project, please fill out the form below.

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