New Roles and Promotions Position GTI for Expanded Growth and Impact

August 10, 2021
Des Plaines, IL

As GTI continues to grow its scale, capabilities, and impact, we’re pleased to announce the creation of several new positions and the promotion of our team members. These individuals are truly making a difference with their drive, passion, and expertise to position GTI to successfully assist our clients and stakeholders as they grapple with the energy transition. We are happy to be advancing our team by drawing from our expertise within the organization and seeing GTI’s commitment to professional development come to fruition.

GTI Kristine Wiley 099 5x7 500px

Kristine Wiley

Vice President, Hydrogen Technology Center

GTI’s Hydrogen Technology Center (HTC) brings together our subject matter experts, thought leadership, labs and facilities, and the experience of decades of successful hydrogen projects executed at our facilities, across the nation, and around the world.

With the global movement towards decarbonization and the need to transition the existing natural gas infrastructure, hydrogen will continue to grow in importance and impact to GTI and our clients under Kristine’s leadership. In her expanded role as Vice President, Kristine will have responsibilities over cross-cutting hydrogen R&D projects, advisory services, and GTI’s role in orchestrating emerging hydrogen hubs in the global energy market. She will also support commercialization opportunities for key hydrogen technologies, integrate digital tools to enable hydrogen solutions, and model hydrogen’s role in the broader energy system.

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Jeremy Otahal

Vice President, People and Client Services

As Vice President People and Client Services, Jeremy leads the enterprise-wide Human Resources function and will continue to oversee the Education and Training Department. Jeremy has shown great leadership since joining GTI in 2014, serving in various capacities and overseeing talent strategies that have led to organizational awards, new recruiting, onboarding, and training and development platforms while streamlining processes across the enterprise. In addition to COVID-19 response over the past year, he executed on a digital strategy for the Education business that enabled continuity for our important customers who rely on workforce training to maintain safe operations. Jeremy is also taking on leadership responsibility for several cross-functional teams on enterprise-wide initiatives.

GTI Amy Russell 0605 500px

Amy Russell

Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

GTI is focused on its employees, clients, and stakeholders, and the need to provide a comprehensive approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) is a critical component for our continued growth and success. Building on the momentum created around our recently implemented DE&I plan and associated employee training, we are taking the next step in solidifying its integration across our workplace.

We are excited to announce the promotion of Amy Russell to Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She will manage, implement, and support DE&I strategies within the GTI enterprise, touching nearly every aspect of our business. As the leader of the team that developed our DE&I plan, Amy will now lead the execution of that plan and work to ensure we are a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. Her communication skills, deep understanding of the organization, and ability to lead and leverage resources position her for success in this new role.

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Ray Deatherage

Director, Education and Training

Ray has established GTI as a recognized leader in Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR)/Extended Reality (XR) training technologies and increased industry awareness of the benefits and capabilities of these technologies since joining the organization. His vision and leadership in the space coupled with 30 years of experience and expertise in developing, delivering, and maintaining training programs positions him to lead GTI’s Education and Training Department. Ray will drive commercialization of the AR/VR/XR content over time, enhance our current offerings, develop new training material to support the energy transition, and strategically position GTI’s Training brand across the industry.

About GTI Energy

GTI Energy is a leading research and training organization. Our trusted team works to scale impactful solutions that shape energy transitions by leveraging gases, liquids, infrastructure, and efficiency. We embrace systems thinking, open learning, and collaboration to develop, scale, and deploy the technologies needed for low-carbon, low-cost energy systems.

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