Fundamentals of In-line Inspection

May 22, 2024 | Virtual Instructor-led Training | $750

Course Overview:

This Virtual Instructor-Led course is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of In-Line Inspection and Integrity Management. The course will discuss inspecting steel pipe using this technology.

CEU 0.6 | PDH 6

Target Audience:

  • Engineers responsible for pipeline design or for providing pipeline O&M support
  • Managers responsible for pipeline operations and design
  • Support staff who can benefit from an overall understanding of operation and design requirements for gas pipelines
  • Employees of companies that provide technical services and products to the gas pipeline industry

Topics Covered:

  • Types of data needed/used for the evaluation and monitoring of a pipeline corrosion integrity plan and ILI and its relationship to overall integrity assessment

    Preparation for an ILI Run
    - Launcher and Receiver Design and Modifications
    - Verify bend radius'
    - Running a sizing pig
    - Written Blowdown Procedures
    - Launching Procedures
    - Receiving Procedures
    - Pig Retrieval

  • Running the pig
    - Equipment requirements
    - Tracking the pig
    - Velocity Control
    - Lost or stuck pig response options
  • Responsibilities of the operator and/or service provider
  • Safety and operations associated with running an ILI tool
  • Follow-up
    - Confirmation Digs
    - Repairs
    - Serious defect Indications

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