GTI International Rounds Out Energy Efficiency Portfolio with Acquisition of BKi

April 7, 2016
Des Plaines, IL

GTI International (GTII), a subsidiary of Gas Technology Institute (GTI), today announced it has acquired BKi , a professional energy services and consulting firm serving energy efficiency, energy supply, and alternative transportation markets.

BKi was founded in Oakland, California, in 1981, and since then has added offices in Los Angeles and West Sacramento to serve its clients and accommodate staff. The company works chiefly on energy efficiency program design, development, implementation, and consulting. They offer services in training and technical assistance, community development, stakeholder engagement, program administration, and technical regulatory support.

In the transportation arena, BKi operates the California Fuel Cell Partnership, a public/private collaborative focused on bringing fuel cell vehicles powered by hydrogen to the commercial market. BKi provides staffing and management for the organization’s activities and its showcase headquarters in West Sacramento. BKi’s areas of expertise also include water efficiency and advanced power generation with carbon capture and storage.

“We now have critical mass in California focused on energy efficiency markets,” says Ron Snedic, GTI International President and Vice President of Corporate Development at GTI. “This really puts us in a great position to drive growth and market impact.”

With this addition, GTI and GTII will have more than 100 energy professionals in the state delivering energy efficiency solutions across diverse markets. This strong presence will help GTI better serve clientele.

Both in and out of California, GTI is accelerating the use of new and more efficient end use equipment. The GTI family of programs and companies has the comprehensive slate of expertise needed to lower energy consumption, reduce energy costs, and control greenhouse gas emissions for businesses and families.

“Our team has delivered hundreds of successful projects tailored to the distinctive needs of our clients: governments, utilities, industries, and nonprofit research organizations,” notes Brian Gitt, BKi President and CEO. “Facilitating collaborative teams to speed the development and introduction of new technology has been a BKi hallmark since our inception, and working in tandem with GTI and their subsidiaries will help us to accelerate market transformation.”

Gitt adds, “We work with local government through Regional Energy Networks (RENs) to implement large-scale, cross-sector energy management strategies on a regional level, bringing communities together to work toward a sustainable energy future. Leveraging GTI’s technology expertise and vast knowledge base, we can drive even greater change. We’re very excited about the opportunities ahead.”

“BKi is a great addition helping to round out our energy efficiency, energy conversion, and alternative transportation portfolio. Building on our previous acquisitions, we continue to expand the services we provide our customers, increasing the value and impact of our collective organizations,” says Snedic.

About GTI Energy

GTI Energy is a leading research and training organization. Our trusted team works to scale impactful solutions that shape energy transitions by leveraging gases, liquids, infrastructure, and efficiency. We embrace systems thinking, open learning, and collaboration to develop, scale, and deploy the technologies needed for low-carbon, low-cost energy systems.

About GTI International (GTII)

GTI International (GTII) is a holding company and wholly-owned subsidiary of GTI. Through GTII, GTI is investing in an efficient, clean energy future to meet ever-escalating energy, operational and environmental challenges. Resources are leveraged by forming partnerships with businesses, government, and industry around the world to add impact to market solutions. The portfolio of companies GTII holds equity in strive to provide exceptional stakeholder value via innovative solutions and client focus.

About BKi

BKi was founded in Oakland, California, in 1981 by Oreste Bevilacqua and Bob Knight. The company has grown and added offices in Los Angeles and West Sacramento. BKi delivers sustainable solutions in energy efficiency, water conservation, alternative fuel transportation, and advanced power generation and energy storage. Through stakeholder engagement and collaborative research, BKi brings environmentally beneficial technologies to market and defines BKi’s mission of Moving Innovations Into Action.

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