With a Focus on Methane Emissions Reductions at COP28, GTI Energy Joins International Working Group to Develop a Universal Framework for Measuring Methane Emissions

GTI Energy will share research and findings from its Veritas Initiative to help drive global methane emissions reductions.

December 5, 2023
Des Plaines, IL

GTI Energy is proud to announce its participation in a new International MMRV Working Group aimed at establishing a universal approach for measuring, monitoring, reporting, and verifying (MMRV) greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) across the natural gas supply chain to drive global emissions reductions.

GTI Energy, one of two U.S.-based stakeholders in the working group, will support its efforts by sharing observations, best practices, and lessons learned from its Veritas technical protocols, a GTI Energy-led collaborative which provides an open-source methodology for measuring methane emissions in a transparent, scientifically proven, consistent, and verifiable way.

“We are proud to contribute the invaluable insights we have gained from our Veritas initiative to the international working group,” said Amanda Harmon, Executive Director of Veritas, GTI Energy. “GTI Energy is committed to leverage the power of innovation and collaboration to develop an effective and standardized approach that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the entire natural gas supply chain.”

The International MMRV Working Group, which includes government, industry, and non-governmental stakeholders from several countries, will collaborate with U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to establish an MMRV framework to advance comparable and reliable information about GHG emissions that can be adopted by natural gas producers, transporters, and distributors worldwide. Its efforts will support the U.S. Methane Emissions Reduction Action Plan and the European Union’s provisional agreement to reduce methane gas emissions by mandating high standards for MMRV for the fossil gas, oil, and coal industries.

By reviewing and building upon existing standards and protocols, such as Veritas, the result of the working group’s efforts will be a consistent set of technical criteria for reporting emissions and operating data at various levels of data availability. International MMRV Working Group participants include the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, East Mediterranean Gas Forum (Observer), European Commission, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Republic of Korea, and the United Kingdom.

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