ECDA/ICDA (External Corrosion Direct Assessment-Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment)

September 16-20, 2024 | GTI Energy HQ | $2,150

Course Overview:

The critical areas of the pipeline integrity management (PIM) plan involve identifying high consequence areas. In the two workshops (ECDA 2.5 days + ICDA 1.5 days) you'll learn the four steps needed to assess corrosion inside and outside of your pipeline:

  1. Pre-assessment
  2. Indirect inspection
  3. Direct examination
  4. Post-assessment

CEU 3 | PDH 30

Target Audience:

  • Field technicians and engineers who will be responsible for implementing PIM programs
  • Engineering staff who are responsible for PIM plan design and implementation
  • Field management responsible for the PIM plan
  • Third-party contractors supplying the labor to implement PIM programs

Topics Covered:

ECDA is a 2.5-day workshop and its topics include:

  • What is ECDA?
  • How Codes Relate
  • Limits of ECDA
  • ECDA Pre-assessment Step
  • Selection Segments
  • Identification of HCAs
  • Prioritization Requirements and Criteria
  • Historical Data
  • Pre-assessment Data Collection
  • Pre-assessment Integration and Analysis
  • Pre-assessment Integration
  • ECDA Indirect Inspection Step
  • ECDA Direct Examination Step
  • ECDA Post-assessment Step

ICDA is a 1.5-day workshop and its topics include:

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Pre-assessment Data Collection and Integration
  • Identifying Sites
  • Inspection and Monitoring Methods
  • Direct Examinations
  • Remaining Strength
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Post-assessment
  • Records and Exceptions to Protocol
  • GTI ICDA Implementation Protocol
  • DOT Part 192 Subpart O—Integrity Management
  • DOT Protocol Area D—Direct Assessment Plan

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