GTI Energy’s Cool LPG Technical Paper Awarded Best Presentation Honor at LPG Week Global Science Conference

Significant recognition by industry leaders in Rome demonstrates technical success in deploying renewable LPG to meet decarbonization goals

November 21, 2023
Des Plaines, IL

James Rockall, the CEO of World Liquid Gas Association, presented GTI Energy’s Pedro Ortiz-Toral the award for best presentation

GTI Energy announced today that a technical paper focused on its Cool LPG technology won an award for “Best Presentation” at the World LPG Forum’s inaugural Global Science Conference during LPG Week Rome 2023. The paper was jointly authored by a team of GTI Energy experts, including Dr. Pedro Ortiz-Toral, Patrick Littlewood, Terry Marker, Michael Bradford, John Whitehouse, Megan Herrera, and Darryl Hino.

The Global Science Conference is devoted exclusively to scientific developments related to production technologies and pathways of renewable, recycled, and sustainable liquid gases most relevant to the LPG industry. GTI Energy’s winning paper highlighted the technical accomplishments of its Cool LPG technology. It was praised for presenting a technology with the most potential to decarbonize the LPG industry and expertly navigating the challenges identified by the industry in producing renewable LPG. It also defined the rising needs for renewable LPG in the Global North and South, underlining the widespread potential use of renewably sourced LPG.

GTI Energy’s Cool LPG technology converts biogas or bio-syngas into renewably sourced, green LPG, providing a drop-in renewable fuel for heating, cooking, and transportation with a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional LPG. In 2021, GTI Energy entered into an exclusive global licensing agreement with BioLPG LLC and its UN-backed NGO affiliate, The Global LPG Partnership, to bring the technology to market.

The consortium has engaged with multiple global partners to develop technologies for the “on-purpose” production of renewable LPG, and it is currently providing financial support to accelerate Cool LPG development toward a first phase of demonstration plants. The goal is to get to large-scale commercial production of renewable LNG in coming years to help commercial, industrial, and household LPG users meet decarbonization goals.

The Global LPG Partnership is a United Nations-backed Public-Private Partnership focused on aggregating and deploying needed global resources to developing countries in Africa to transition large populations rapidly and sustainably to LPG for cooking. BioLPG, LLC, a for-profit sister company of The Global LPG Partnership, is focused on providing the decarbonization potential of bio-LPG to LPG users in more developed countries to meet net zero carbon emissions goals.

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