April 2020 Promotions

Advancing careers in the energy industry Apr 8, 2020

At GTI, one of our core values is people. We provide opportunities and a diverse and inclusive environment for creative employees to learn, grow, and make a difference.

GTI continues to invigorate our workforce, adding key talent at all levels and developing our existing team. In 2019, 33 new employees were hired, adding up to a staff of 410+ employees at the end of the year.

Investing in the retention of the best and the brightest talent in the industry makes us a leader. We focus on empowering people, providing critical training to enhance their skill sets and preparing them for career advancement opportunities. Numerous promotions are helping to progress employees along their career paths while positioning the company for continued success moving forward.

Kristine Wiley has taken on a new role as Director of GTI’s Hydrogen Technology Center, and R&D Managers Paul Glanville and Tim Kingston are now jointly leading the Residential/Commercial group.

  • Brian Weeks - Senior Director, Business Development
  • Kate Jauridez - Senior Manager, Government Contracts
  • Vaishali Bulsara - Manager General Acct.
  • Anthony Dizonno - Director, IT
  • Ryan Schlusser - EH&S Corporate Lead
  • Amy Russell - Senior Manager HR
  • Christy Michals - Senior Marketing Specialist II
  • Jordan Ciezobka - Senior Manager R&D
  • Alvaro Rodriguez - Engineer
  • Darryl Hino - Senior Engineer
  • Megan Herrera - Senior Engineer
  • Eric Erlandson - Chief Technologist
  • Eric Brown - Scientist
  • Emily Chan - Principal Scientist
  • Alex Fridyland - Senior Engineer
  • Tishun Peng - Principal Engineer
  • Bart Sowa - Senior Engineer Supervisor
  • Yaroslav Chudnovsky - Senior Institute Engineer
  • Pat Rowley - Manager, R&D
  • Meredith Sweeney - Senior Market Analyst
  • Susan Stuver - Manager, Projects

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