Virtual B31Q Pipeline Personnel Qualification Webinar Series (Bundle) (Webinars 1-3)

August 22-24, 2023 | Online Classroom | $400

Course Overview:

ASME B31Q is becoming a widely used document both nationally and internationally for entities needing to develop qualification programs for pipeline personnel.

CEU 0.45 | PDH 4.5

Target Audience:

  • Gas Utility Operators
  • Gas Construction Contractors
  • Gas Engineers
  • State Utility Commission Personnel
  • Gas Training and Qualification Personnel

Webinar #1: ASME B31Q Pipeline Personnel Qualification Overview

This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the B31Q standard and provide details for some of the key chapters in the standard.

Topics Covered:

  • Foundation of B31Q
  • Rationale for creating B31Q
  • Structure and roles/responsibilities of committee members
  • Elements of the Standard
  • Brief overview standard chapters
  • Overview of the Non-Mandatory Appendices in B31Q

Webinar #2: ASME B31Q Training/Evaluation/Qualification

As work on aging pipeline infrastructure increases, greater emphasis is being placed on ensuring individuals can perform this work safely. Essential elements for this process include adequately preparing individuals for assigned work, an objective and consistent process for determining if individuals can perform the work safely, and development of a sound program dealing with the various administrative aspects surrounding these activities.

This webinar will cover the elements of training, evaluation and qualification as presented in B31Q.

Topics Covered:


  • Responsibility for training
  • Situations where training may be necessary
  • Training materials
  • Implementation of training
  • Training documentation


  • Selection of evaluators and proctors
  • Evaluation procedures
  • Evaluation security
  • Evaluation methods (Selection of appropriate method and requirements for development of evaluation method)


  • Qualification Process
  • Initial/Subsequent Qualification
  • Suspension/Reinstatement/Revocation of Qualifications
  • Use of Non-Qualified Individuals
  • Span of Control Ratios
  • Setting of Subsequent Evaluation Intervals

Webinar #3: ASME B31Q Non-Mandatory Appendix A – Covered Task List

Many entities are reviewing the B31Q covered task list, some with intentions of adopting the list in whole or in parts. This webinar will cover the basic elements of the covered tasks listed in the appendix and provide detail regarding the following topics.

Topics Covered:

  • Basic Elements of the task list – Task guidance/criteria/applicability
  • Evaluation methods associated with tasks
  • Span of Control Ratios
  • Process for Creating, Modifying and Removing Tasks

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