Transmission Pipeline Design and Construction Practices

November 4-8, 2024 | GTI Energy HQ | $2,450

Course Overview:

As part of this four and a half day session, work through the pipeline design process—from pipe sizing measurements to post-construction recordkeeping under the guidance of industry experts. You'll work with a team to design a pipeline under real-life conditions and circumstances. Using maps and work sheets, you’ll learn how crossings at railroads, roads, streams, and rivers are constructed. You’ll also receive a workbook that provides a guide to the codes and standards that apply to pipeline design—all excellent resources to take back to work.

Certification Option: You may apply this course toward GTI’s Certified Gas Transmission Professional (CGTP) certification and/or Registered Gas Distribution Professional (RGDP) certification.

CEU 3.4 | PDH 34

Target Audience:

  • Engineers responsible for pipeline design or for providing pipeline O&M support
  • Managers responsible for pipeline operations and maintenance
  • Marketing, media, and support staff who can benefit from an overall understanding of design requirements for gas pipelines
  • Employees of companies that provide technical services and products to the gas pipeline industry

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction and Overview of Transmission Pipeline Design
  • Flow Equations
  • Codes and Standards
  • Route Selection
  • Pipe Design
  • Mainline Valves
  • Blowdown Time
  • Overpressure Protection
  • Gas Quality and Gas Conditioning
  • Valves and Fittings
  • Valve Set Design
  • Branch Connections
  • Launchers and Receivers
  • Miscellaneous Code Requirements
  • Road and Railroad Crossings
  • Stream and River Crossings
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Construction—Lowering In
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Non-Destructive Inspection

If you're registering with a company colleague (or two or more) at the same time, you can save an additional 10%. (The 10% discount applies only to two or more students taking the same class and does not apply to two students taking separate courses.) Contact us if you plan to use the team discount.

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