Measurement and Regulator Station Design (Distribution & Transmission)

March 27-31, 2023 | GTI Energy HQ | $2250

Course Overview:

As part of this four and a half day course, seasoned design experts will explore the many important aspects of designing pressure regulation, overpressure protection, and pressure control facilities. Learn system metering for optimal accuracy and ease of maintenance. Examine the issues that need attention when retrofitting or replacing the facilities or altering their operation and maintenance – with an emphasis on safety.

CEU 3.4 | PDH 34

Target Audience:

  • Personnel who design or influence the design of measurement and regulation facilities in transmission systems
  • Those who operate and maintain M&R facilities
  • Field management who need to have a fundamental knowledge of M&R
  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who wish to increase their practical knowledge of measurement and regulation design applications
  • Anyone who wants to increase his or her knowledge of measurement and regulator station design for transmission systems

Topics Covered:

  • Valves and Fittings
  • Meter Sizing Basics
  • Customer Meter and Regulation
  • Meter Run Design Considerations
  • Meter Auxiliary Equipment
  • Gas Velocity in Pipe
  • Pipe Wall and Grade
  • Gas Quality
  • Liquid Movement in Pipelines
  • Regulation and Overpressure Protection
  • Self-Contained Regulators
  • Pilot-Operated Regulators
  • Control Valves
  • Monitor Regulation Sizing
  • Relief Valve Sizing
  • Aerodynamic Noise
  • Regulator Setting Design
  • Energy Measurement
  • Gas Conditioning Equipment
  • CP at M&R Stations
  • MAOP and Test Requirements
  • Station Design and Layout
  • Problems

If you're registering with a company colleague (or two or more) at the same time, you can save an additional 10%. (The 10% discount applies only to two or more students taking the same class and does not apply to two students taking separate courses.) Contact us if you plan to use the team discount.

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