Carbon Capture and Removal

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We support CO2 capture through technology development and commercialization of our own novel approaches, and by collaborating with academia and industry to advance and commercialize other technologies.

GTI Energy has a portfolio of solutions for capturing CO2 from power and industrial sources, along with expertise in pre-combustion carbon capture, oxy-combustion, and direct air capture. Our membrane- and solvent-based CO2 capture approaches are now being demonstrated under real-world conditions to accelerate commercial scale deployment readiness.

Carbon Capture


  • Innovate new technical approaches and scale-up from bench to pilot to demonstration of commercial readiness
  • Lead design, construction, and testing for experimental pilot plants at our facilities or at industrial or utility sites.
  • Estimate, test and monitor emissions from capture process (such as from solvents) and conduct dispersion modeling

Key Initiatives

Delivering high-impact, value-added research and technical services

ITC Skid Facilitated Transport Membrane Schematic 4560x252

Reducing the Cost and Energy Penalties of Carbon Capture with Facilitated Transport Membrane (FTM) Technology


Development of ROTA-CAP Intensified Carbon Capture System

flex fuel power plant

Power Plant with Flexible Fuel Carbon-Negative Power and Carbon-Free Hydrogen Co-Production

CARBin X Equipment

Recovering Carbon from Individual End Users (CARBIN-X)

TDA Test Rig People

Carbon Capture for Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Power

Hydrogen Generation with Pre-combustion Carbon Capture test equipment in a lab

Cost-Competitive Hydrogen Generation with Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture

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