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GTI Energy develops innovative solutions that transform lives, economies, and the environment

GTI Energy develops innovative solutions that transform lives, economies, and the environment

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GTI Energy has been strengthening energy systems to improve lives, economies, and the environment since 1941. Today, we are proudly meeting new demand for impactful innovations that support low-carbon, low-cost energy systems. This video showcases our people-centric focus, sets out our aspirations, and illustrates our inspired vision for worldwide energy transformations.


A conversation series with thought leaders around ideas and trends shaping energy systems transitions

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Join us for sessions on trends driving the evolution of energy markets and innovative technology solutions for low-carbon, low-cost energy

Our Latest Initiatives

Delivering high-impact, value-added research, technical services, and training

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How can we work together?

We partner with the energy industry, major industrial firms, government agencies, equipment manufacturers, private investors, and entrepreneurial start-up companies in collaborative projects or proprietary engagements that maximize value and minimize risk

Want a career with a bright future?

When the work you do impacts the world’s energy future, it’s easy to get excited about working at GTI Energy. We’re a leader in the new energy economy and we’re looking for talented and entrepreneurial employees who can identify meaningful opportunities, develop new technologies, and deliver them to the marketplace.

What can we do for you?

Solving important energy challenges for 80 years

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Information Services

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