Legacy Technical Achievements

  • Diagnostic tools and technologies to exploit coal gas, shale gas, and low-permeability formations
    • Enhanced seismic spectral processor (2002)
    • High power vertical seismic profile (VSP) mechanical seismic source (1999)
    • Seismic survey design software
    • STEP test for permeability measurement in coalbed methane
    • Cross-well seismic imaging tomography (1998)
    • Single well seismic
    • Azimvel software imaging
    • Microseismic imaging
    • Natural fracture mapping system (SNL)
    • Fracturing:
      • Stress profiling technique giving strength of formations above and below fracture zone
      • Fracture height measurement technique
      • Downhole pressure profile monitoring
    • Coiled tubing guidelines (1999), slim hole drilling (1997), underbalanced drilling manual (1997)
  • Through-casing resistivity density, pressure measurement tools for formation analysis (Halliburton, Schlumberger, and Baker Hughes)
  • Cement pulsation tool
  • Jet assist drilling tool
  • Downhole pressure profile monitoring
  • Wellbore stability
  • Underbalanced completions
  • 3-D reservoir characterizations
  • Well siting In carbonates
  • Cybergeologist
  • S. Louisiana deep gas

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