FracPro: Fracture Design Modeling Software

CARBO Ceramics Inc.

This 3-D hydraulic fracture modeling was validated by mini-frack and post-frack measurements to establish a scientific basis. It was not just the analytical models, but GTI developed diagnostics and ran lab experiments in the field to determine where a fracture goes (propagates), how far it goes, and what are the parameters that control its destiny.

FRACPRO was the first model for design of hydraulic fractures that also included the real-time monitoring of fracturing parameters such as rate, pressure, and viscosity. This model is still used by the industry.

In coalbed methane and tight gas sands, GRI’s fracture models were critical. One of GRI’s shallow coalbed methane wells was mined back, so pictures of the actual fractures were taken as the seams were exposed and this provided amazing validation.

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