Partnership for Advanced Residential Retrofit (PARR)

Our Goals

The Partnership for Advanced Residential Retrofit (PARR) was expressly created to make residential energy efficiencey (EE) retrofits more cost-effective and to demonstrate concepts that enable market transformation on a mass scale. PARR proposes to increase the quality and uptake of residential retrofits in cold climates while providing Building America with systems, whole home, and community level solutions for the U.S. PARR is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy Building America Program and receives co-funding from Utilization Technology Development (UTD).

  • Conduct research, field evaluations and monitoring to achieve cost-effective volume retrofits through thermal envelope and energy systems improvements to verifiably provide 30% whole house energy savings by 2014, and 50% savings by 2017.
  • Research emerging retrofit delivery models that are cost-effective, straighforward, compelling, and enable retrofits at a fundamentally different scale than previously possible.
  • Significantly increase the number of retrofits in the U.S. across diverse housing types and income levels.
  • Provide the¬†U.S. Department of Energy Building America Program¬†with key research results and system-based strategies to deploy retrofits in cold climates.
  • Support¬†Zero Energy Ready Home Program¬†and the¬†Building America Solution Center.

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