Carbon Dioxide (CO2)-to-Value

Captured CO2 offers many opportunities, but using biogenic CO2 that originally came from the atmosphere is even more valuable as it can yield a net-neutral atmospheric carbon balance. GTI Energy is especially interested in accelerating rapid innovation and deployment in our diverse portfolio of biofuels and synthetic fuels technologies that leverage biogenic carbon sources. The scale of the challenge in hard-to-abate sectors is expansive, and we believe there is room for all of the current proposed technology pathways and many more before we even get close to fulfilling long-term demand for drop-in fuels and other low-carbon solutions.

GTI Energy is growing our portfolio of technologies for direct CO2 utilization, which leverages our deep technical knowledge of creating and converting syngas. Taking captured CO2, converting it to syngas, and then using it as chemical feedstock-—such as olefins, aromatics, and methanol—to produce low-carbon chemicals and plastics will be one of the next decarbonization frontiers. In this model, syngas from CO2 to chemicals is an example of an alternate carbon storage method for decarbonizing the commodity chemicals market. While this may seem a minor demand today, global CO2 emissions associated with chemicals production are comparable in size to those related to steel or cement production. As such, we need to think about how we can start to cost-competitively reduce the emissions in the chemicals industry, yet do it in a way that is attractive to the market.

Carbon Capture

GTI Energy has a portfolio of solutions for capturing point-source carbon dioxide from power and industrial sources, along with a wider carbon capture program that includes post- and pre-combustion carbon capture, oxy-combustion, and direct air capture. We are also leveraging our decades of sub-surface experience for CO2 storage.

Key Initiatives

Dry Reforming Schematic

Dry Reforming of Methane to Produce Syngas and Reduce CO2 Emissions

DEBS Process Schematic 5 18 4

Direct Electron Beam Synthesis (DEBS) Process—Enables Utilization of CO2 to Generate Valuable Products

Cool GTL Pilot Plant 900x884

Cool GTL: A Pathway to Sustainable Fuels

Single Cool LPG tank in front of trees

Cool LPG – Providing a Drop-in Renewable Fuel for Heating, Cooking, and Transportation

GTI Corporate Overview Short Presentation 1 16

Using Captured CO2 to Produce Renewable Fuels and Chemicals

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