Enabling Knowledge and Technology Transfer for Global Unconventional Gas Development

GTI is now sharing lessons learned from the U.S. unconventional gas revolution with the rest of the world. One key international initiative is the Global Unconventional Gas (GUG) Summit that was held in Beijing, China in November 2012. The event, building on the success of the 2011 meeting in Beijing and the 2010 conference in Amsterdam, focused on the exchange of ideas about the enormous potential of gas shale and the unlocking of unconventional gas resources in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.

Co-hosted by GTI and the China Energy Research Society, the event provided a meeting place for more than 220 senior-level International and Chinese energy experts, along with first-class speakers from the global gas industry and governmental bodies. A series of high-level signing ceremonies and networking events took place at the Summit, including the signing of a framework cooperation agreement for a training and learning center between SPT Energy Group and GTI.

In addition to these global meetings, GTI has delivered customized workshops on best practices and technical solutions for unconventional gas development and produced water management to European producers and service companies. Papers and presentations by GTI experts are sharing the U.S. expertise and advocating for unconventional gas development across the nation and across the globe, in far-flung locations that include Austria, Poland, Istanbul, France, the Netherlands, and Korea.

GTI completed a study in 2012 in support of the Polish operator’s association to assess industry best practices toward addressing potential environmental impact of shale gas exploration and appraisal activities. The public report is being used by Polish industry in external communications regarding technology applications and sustainable practices, both with government and communities.​

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