GTI Energy's Methane Emissions Measurement and Verification Initiative

Accelerating Efforts to Reduce Global Methane Emissions

Veritas, GTI Energy's Methane Emissions Measurement and Verification Initiative, is meeting the urgent need for credible, comparable methane emissions measurement and accelerating actions that reduce methane emissions reductions.

The standardized, science-based, technology-neutral, and measurement-informed protocols were built to assemble methane emissions inventories that are verified by direct field measurements.

The collaborative effort brought together dozens of industry, research, and environmental stakeholders to engage in development, testing, and review of the Veritas protocols.

The technical protocols calculate methane emissions for natural gas systems from production through distribution and LNG and offer a consistent approach to demonstrate emissions reductions in a credible and transparent way, are now available online for everyone to use on the Veritas website at

Get started on your methane measurement and verification journey by downloading the protocols