Validating Cavendish Energy’s Process for Hydrogen Generation

August 1, 2016
Des Plaines, IL

On July 14, more than twenty attendees witnessed the first public demonstration of the Cavendish Process™, a new method for the production of hydrogen, at GTI in Des Plaines, IL.  Over the past six months, GTI has been performing technical and consulting services in support of Cavendish Energy, LLC, the start-up that has invented the new control process, which generates hydrogen without using either hydrocarbon feedstock or electrolysis.

The patent-pending Cavendish Process allows generation of hydrogen on demand and shows great promise for doing so in an efficient, scalable, controllable, and environmentally benign manner.  It produces significant amounts of hydrogen at 99.99+% purity (verified by GTI laboratory analysis) and does not require high pressures or temperatures.  Because the process can produce hydrogen on an as-needed basis, it avoids the technical, cost, and safety challenges of transporting hydrogen as a compressed gas or cryogenic fluid.  The Cavendish Process may be suitable for many commercial and military applications and has the potential to open new markets currently inaccessible due to underlying commercial constraints.  The Cavendish device uses only simple processes, thus keeping capital requirements relatively low.

GTI provided its considerable capabilities and expertise that allowed for testing on an accelerated schedule while keeping start-up costs low.  By tapping the resources of GTI, Cavendish Energy also gained access to GTI’s decades of experience in the product development of emerging technologies for the hydrogen market.

The hydrogen produced at the demonstration provided input to a fuel cell, which then produced electrical power to activate a dimmable LED array with an output of over 7,000 lumens.  After the demonstration, the attendees joined Cavendish Energy and GTI personnel in an active discussion regarding commercialization and current hydrogen market conditions, constraints, and opportunities.  Attendees included potential investors, related industry experts, federal laboratory hydrogen program representatives, and federal legislative representatives.

GTI’s technical, advanced engineering, and developmental support continue to play a vital role for Cavendish Energy’s ongoing success and the realization of an important new option for the economically viable production of hydrogen.  For more information, contact Cavendish Energy at or GTI at​

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