Using Captured CO2 to Store and Transport Renewable Energy and Create DME

Our carbon reuse process combines captured carbon dioxide with hydrogen to produce an energy-dense dimethyl ether, a drop-in fuel that is compatible with the pipeline infrastructure and end-use devices, and can be used to store and transport renewable energy. DME is easily transported via pipeline or truck to sites with the greatest demand.

GTI Energy researchers are working on an Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) project to develop a catalytic membrane reactor for synthesis of diesel fuel substitute dimethyl ether (DME) from hydrogen, CO2, and water. A 1 kg/day prototype has been built for long-term testing of fuel production, and test data is being captured. In a laboratory-scale membrane reactor DME synthesis testing, the DME production rate was three times higher than a packed bed reactor, and the CO2 conversion rate was 80% higher.


  • This carbon reuse process produces an energy-dense liquid fuel that can be used to store renewable energy
  • Beneficial uses for CO2

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