Workforce Development Program

With many open positions in the field, demand for operations crews continues to grow as pipeline construction and replacement activities progress. At the same time, many long-term, experienced workers are retiring, leaving significant gaps in the workforce that need to be filled.

GTI offers training programs to introduce individuals to the natural gas industry and prepare them to fill expanding career opportunities at local utility, midstream, contractors, and pipeline operations companies. We can help the industry find, develop, and retain a skilled workforce essential for the safety, quality, compliance, and efficiency critical for success.

The Natural Gas Utility and Pipeline Field Skills Training Program includes four weeks of pre-employment blended classroom and competency-based hands-on training that can be delivered at venues nationwide. The program was designed by GTI in collaboration with gas utilities and contractors, who play a critical role in development of targeted curriculum content, hosting interactive field days, and participating in the graduation day job fair to begin dialogue with prospective employees. We help local businesses meet their hiring needs by connecting them to a pool of employable candidates that are ready to be hired.

The program can target displaced workers,veterans and other candidates looking for an attractive career that features good benefits and continuous training. We assist eligible candidates in enhancing their job skills and seeking new paths to further their professional development.

Case Study:

From Black to Blue 

A targeted “From Black to Blue” training program for displaced coal workers and others in the Appalachian region will introduce participants to natural gas utility and pipeline operations careers and enable them to become stronger candidates for jobs.

Case Study:

Workforce Development Workshop

In a Workforce Development Workshop for the INGAA Foundation in late fall 2018, GTI led efforts to outline key issues, assess considerations, and develop an action plan for the natural gas pipeline industry. Through Industry and Expert panel dialogues, break-out sessions, and follow-up calls, nearly 100 INGAA member company representatives and invited experts identified initiatives in recruiting, education, career pathing, integrating, resources, and funding that would help to address workforce challenges. The workshop laid the groundwork for collective member and industry action on the topic to leverage ideas, time, and resources. Details of the discussion, input, and recommendations are documented in a final report are intended to drive sustained action.

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