Natural Gas Field Skills Custom Training

Customize GTI’s Natural Gas Field Skills Program to Train Your Workforce

GTI's Natural Gas Field Skills Training Program is a series of instructor-led (ILT) modules designed for field workers involved in natural gas construction, operations and maintenance. The program, comprised of 77 modules in ten different topic areas, helps prepare field workers for safe, effective on-the-job performance and meet regulatory requirements for operator qualification (OQ) assessments.

Each module includes ready-to-use training materials for the classroom suited to both the internal company workforce as well as contracted utility field workers.

  • Presentation—Microsoft PowerPoint files containing colorful graphics, photos, and video.
  • Leader Guide—Microsoft Word files containing talking points for each slide and step-by-step guidelines for activities and discussions.
  • Participant Guide—Microsoft Word files that are helpful follow-along guide for trainees and valuable resource after class.
  • Knowledge Assessment—Trainees must achieve at least an 80% score for successful completion.

The Natural Gas Field Skills Training Program is offered as a packaged program for utility or contracted trainers under a license agreement. GTI will work with you to effectively transfer the learning materials. Flexibility is built into the program, so you can train your workers online, in your classroom, or blend the two options to meet your needs.

Customized training programs. The Natural Gas Field Skills Training Program with generic field procedures and applications is a turn-key solution for the gas industry. GTI can also create a customized training program specific to your work practices, procedures, and standards. We can fully tailor and refine the modules to meet your company’s specifications and OQ procedures, requirements, and process as well as provide extensive review and integration of company-specific materials.

​Implementation Success Story

To establish consistent intercompany business gas construction practices and training, Northeast Gas Association (NGA), GTI, and National Grid worked together to establish a regional collaborative pilot program. This 5-day/40-hour instructor-led training was a comprehensive program with Natural Gas Pipeline Construction Field Skills at the core.

NGA took a regional approach to establishing the training framework, building off of National Grid’s vision to create an integrated, standardized approach to learning using state-of-the-art technology solutions. A quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) audit protocol was put in place to ensure content was delivered as required, students were fully engaged, and a good balance of classroom and hands-on experience was maintained.

GTI created standardized content and provided proficient trainers to assist in delivering the learning experience as well as a "train the trainer" component to guide and ensure consistent delivery of the program by in-house company trainers. A Field Tablet performance support tool was developed for workers in the field, containing information on company-specific procedures, standard drawings, and data on regulations. Use of the Field Tablet was integrated into the learning experience to enable access to company-specific procedures and regulatory guidance materials.

The program was piloted in early 2014, with Feeney Brothers, a National Grid contractor, who embraced the process. The experience was well-received by all and confirmed that the newly-developed “back to basics” gas pipeline construction content was specific enough to ensure safety, quality and efficiency.

Going forward, a focus on continuous improvement will be maintained, and the regional use of an "intercompany" tablet environment will be explored. National Grid will work with all of their contractors to integrate the program as part of their qualification requirements.

"These are exciting and challenging times for our industry with the convergence of incredible growth, a keen focus on replacement of aging infrastructure and our dynamic regulatory environment. This collaborative program with NGA, GTI and National Grid will level the training and qualification playing field across the region and encourage regional "portability" of the contractor workforce while ensuring a consistent approach to ensuring safety, quality and compliance."

—National Grid

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