Producing a Drop-In Gasoline Product or Flexible On-site Power with a Partial Oxidation Gas Turbine (POGT)

GTI Energy’s partial oxidation gas turbine (POGT) technology was developed as part of a natural gas-to-liquid fuels (GTL) process in 2012 with funding support from ARPA-E. The R-GAS compact gasifier was modified to operate as a high-temperature, high-pressure natural gas partial oxidation (POx) reactor that would be combined with an advanced turbo-expander being designed for this application.

GTI Energy performed systems testing on the reactor and economic evaluations on the entire GTL system. Because the method produces both power and liquid fuel, it is an attractive option for associated gas now flared in oil production fields (including offshore platforms). In addition, the economic assessments also suggest that it has promise in other applications where power off-take is available. The amount of co-produced power can be controlled, allowing for flexibility as electricity demands change. Modular equipment will allow the size of the process plant to be tailored to match the amount of natural gas at the on-site location, minimizing the plant footprint.

GTI Energy is seeking partners to demonstrate the integrated POGT system.

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