More Economical Capture of Greenhouse Gases from Coal-Fired Power Plants with Oxy-Fired Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustion

In the oxy-fired pressurized fluidized bed combustion (Oxy-PFBC) project, researchers are realizing the benefits of a novel process to economically capture greenhouse gases emitted by coal-fired power plants, offering electric power generation with near-zero emissions.

In oxy-fuel combustion, fuel is burned using pure oxygen instead of air to produce heat that generates electricity without the production of Nitric Oxide (NOx) emissions. The combustion process using pressurized oxygen and recycled carbon dioxide gas improves process efficiency and concentrates the carbon dioxide produced prior to combustion of fuel in the turbine, thus greatly reducing the cost of capturing the carbon dioxide for later utilization or sequestration.

After having successfully completed the Phase I feasibility study, Phase II focused on component development and pilot-plant testing to validate the process and mature the technology for subsequent implementation in new coal plants and retrofits in existing plants. A 1 MWth Oxy-PFBC pilot facility was constructed and operated at NRCan’s test center at CanmetEnergy in Ottawa, Ontario. GTI led the partnership with CanmetENERGY, Linde, EPRI, and Alstom with support from DOE/NETL and Alberta Innovates.

Oxy-PFBC technology is an enabling technology, which can be integrated with sCO2-based cycles to achieve a breakthrough in coal-based power generation with carbon capture. Together, they have the potential to leap forward in performance and cost and is consistent with the vision of small modular and flexible coal power plants.

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