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Monitoring and Evaluating Technologies Related to Distributed Generation (DG) and Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

GTI International subsidiary Frontier Energy is working on several DOE-, utility-, and NYSERDA-funded demonstration projects around the U.S. Current field sites are evaluating CHP systems that include microturbines, engines, direct-exhaust absorption chillers, desiccant dehumidification s​ystem, and refrigeration subcooling systems. Frontier’s role in CHP demonstration projects often includes project management, conceptual design, commissioning, and detailed monitoring and evaluation to quantify performance.

Frontier Energy also evaluates alternative plant utilities and helps to optimize operations. Services range from audits of current practices, to feasibility studies of alternative technology, and development of on-line expert system control strategies.

Learn more on Frontier Energy’s website under Distributed Generation and Combined Heat and Power.

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