Advancing Digital Technology to Maximize Hydrogen-fueled Transport for Long-haul Corridors

GTI Energy is lending its expertise to optimize the hydrogen infrastructure, technology, and economics needed to support the United States’ vital freight transportation system. HyLOFT (Hydrogen LOng Haul Freight Transportation) is a revolutionary framework designed to enhance understanding of the deployment of hydrogen infrastructure across the U.S. and maximize the potential of hydrogen-fueled medium- and heavy-duty transport for long-haul corridors. Built with advanced computer modeling technology, the HyLOFT analyzes various value chain factors along the I-10 corridor, from Los Angeles to the Texas Triangle (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio), to pinpoint the best locations for refueling stations, propose alternative truck routes, and provide economic insights on hydrogen production and delivery methods.

Designed for flexibility, the model can adapt to the demands of changing vehicle technology, regional traits, and market trends, which are crucial features as the framework expands. HyLOFT’s findings present an initial step toward a full model that will show the potential application for hydrogen refueling corridors across the U.S. GTI Energy is honored to shape the future of long-haul transportation corridors, providing greater adaptability, flexibility, and sustainability for years to come.

HyLOFT was created by a technical team at GTI Energy, with advisory support from Frontier Energy, the Electric Research Power Initiative, and the Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition.

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