Lowering Costs for Natural Gas or Syngas Cleanup with SR2 Sulfur Removal and Recovery Process

GTI has technology platforms to remove sulfur from natural gas mid-stream that offer advantages in capital cost, operations and maintenance cost, and footprint. SR2 is an integrated multi-contaminant removal process that incorporates acid gas removal, sulfur recovery, and tail gas treating in one step. Preliminary process performance and economics suggest a 40% cost savings compared to competing technologies and a 32% reduction in operating expenditures.

GTI is also developing the process for sulfur removal and recovery from syngas for clean-up for SNG or GTL processes. It is a multi-component procedure has the potential to significantly reduce the complexity and costs of the current syngas clean-up train.

Learn more about the SR2 Sulfur Removal and Recovery Process Technology. (1.2MB pdf)

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