Integrating Natural Gas Into the Smart Energy Grid

A vision document, Natural Gas in a Smart Energy Future, sponsored by the American Gas Foundation, APGA Research Foundation, Canadian Gas Association, the INGAA Foundation Inc. and the Natural Gas Supply Association, was created by a GTI/Navigant Team in 2011. The report defines the ‘smart’ and ‘strategic’ roles of natural gas in a smart energy future and serves to ensure that natural gas is part of the conversation in policy and infrastructure planning discussions between industry, regulators and policy makers. It identifies key tools and steps—as well as a number of action items for both policymakers and the industry—that will make the energy system more reliable, safer and better able to manage peak demand.

​GTI worked with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to initiate the creation of the Gas Technology Working Group (GTWG), the first natural gas industry-related standards development group under the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP).

​With support from OTD, the GTWG is investigating the interaction between the gas delivery and electric power delivery grids with respect to interoperability standards, common technological paradigms, and associated system implementations. A major focus will be an assessment of the advantages available to both industries with the development of interoperability standards that will foster the integration of gas systems into the electric-centric smart grid, such as multiple meter integration with Home Area Network (HAN) devices.

​In addition, GTI is developing automation and sensor technology that support seamless communication and data management between the electric and natural gas infrastructures and integrate renewable energy sources while enhancing safety and providing operational improvements. Additional complementary projects are underway.

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