Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership Established as a National Organization for Net-Zero Transportation

GTII subsidiary Frontier Energy provides staffing and administrative services for the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership (HFCP), previously known as the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP). Twenty+ years after the government-industry collaboration was first launched, it has evolved into a national nonprofit to reflect the growth of hydrogen mobility in California and the acceleration of hydrogen use globally.

The group will work across the country to share information, best practices and lessons learned by all members and ensure that a zero-emission, resilient transportation future includes everyone. Their strategy focuses on building a hydrogen fueling network across the U.S. for heavy-duty trucks (and passenger cars), enabling links between ports, hydrogen hubs, and more to ensure hydrogen reaches its full market potential and achieves common environmental and economic goals.

The unique collaboration of organizations includes car, bus, and truck manufacturers, infrastructure developers, energy providers, government agencies, fuel cell technology companies, and others that will work collectively to educate stakeholders about the benefits of hydrogen and fuel cell electric vehicles.

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