GTI Partners with Purdue’s CISTAR Center to use Shale Resources as a Bridge to Renewables

September 26, 2017
Des Plaines, IL

Gas Technology Institute (GTI) is partnering with Purdue University’s Center for Innovative and Strategic Transformation of Alkane Resources (CISTAR) and other experts from academia, industry and government to lead transformational advances in energy production, promote a healthy economy, and improve the quality of life in the U.S.

CISTAR was recently chosen by the National Science Foundation (NSF) as one of their prestigious Engineering Research Centers (ERCs). The Center will receive funding of $19.75 million over five years to develop new technologies needed to convert shale gas into transportation fuels and chemicals using a network of portable, modular processing plants. Innovations in catalysts, separation processes, and reactor designs can enhance conversion efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Reducing the footprint of plant-sized equipment will help to reduce capital investments and remove some barriers to commercialization.

Industrial and university partners will contribute additional funding and critical resources, augmented with expertise from national laboratories and national and international research organizations.

"GTI is honored to be part of CISTAR's innovation ecosystem, helping to deliver practical real-world solutions that have an impact in the marketplace and sustain our nation’s competitive edge," says Vann Bush, Managing Director, Energy Supply and Conversion.

"This important initiative is in alignment with GTI’s strategic direction. Much of our work focuses on creating value-added products from natural gas, an inexpensive and abundant feedstock. There are many domestic uses, such as chemical and petrochemical manufacturing and transportation fuels, that can have a much broader impact than exports. Natural gas can also be used to supplement renewable resources to provide a path to sustainability."

"Our partnership will help to accelerate the commercialization of important new technologies that address major manufacturing and transportation opportunities across the country."

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