GTI International Deepens Capabilities in Sub-Surface Technologies with the Acquisition of Projeo Corporation

January 27, 2022
Des Plaines, IL

Projeo Corporation logoGTI International, a subsidiary of GTI, announced today that it acquired Projeo Corporation, a professional energy services firm that develops geologic resources to store carbon in sub-surface wells across the U.S.

Projeo specializes in managing CO2 and gas storage, ground water resources, and geothermal projects. Based in Champaign, Illinois, Projeo leverages a team of experts which has decades of expertise in the oil and gas industry to meet the unique needs of sequestering carbon from ethanol fermentation, ammonia production, and other industrial sources. The well-recognized project management business leads activities that range from performing seismic studies, to drilling test wells and installing monitoring equipment, to managing sites and regulatory reporting and support.

“It is crucial to maximize geologic storage capacity so that utilities and power producers can integrate renewables, contribute to grid stability, minimize the impacts of climate change, and enable the transition to a low-carbon future,” says Ron Snedic, President of GTI International. “The Projeo team has the unique expertise, relationships, talent, and track record working in complex geologic systems and we are very excited to welcome them to the GTI enterprise.”

Projeo’s President Nick Malkewicz says, “Like GTI, Projeo has a client-centered culture providing excellent project development and operational results. As a team, Projeo and GTI will make an impact in the sub-surface arena of CO2 storage, an exciting industry that will have exponential growth.”

About Projeo Corporation

Projeo delivers geotechnical and operational/management services for public and private clients engaged in oil, gas, geothermal, and CO2 storage projects. The Projeo team combines decades of experience, a broad subject matter expertise network, and rigorous processes to ensure optimal project execution.


About GTI International (GTII)

GTI International (GTII) is a holding company and wholly owned subsidiary of GTI. GTII is investing in an efficient, clean energy future to meet ever-escalating energy, operational, and environmental challenges. The portfolio of companies in which GTII holds equity strives to provide exceptional stakeholder value via innovative solutions and client focus.

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