GTI Honored with Natural Gas Innovation Award from NARUC

November 12, 2018
Des Plaines, IL

GTI has been selected by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) Task Force on Innovation as the winner of the 2018 Innovation Award in the Natural Gas Industry category.

This recognition is based on the breakaway disconnect/shut-off fitting to enhance gas system safety that was developed by GTI with funding from Operations Technology Development (OTD). It is a cost-effective option to protect above ground meter set assemblies (MSAs) against damage from outside forces such as vehicular damage or snow and ice falling from building roofs.

The fitting was designed with an engineered weak point – if an external force is large enough to break the weak point, an internal check valve activates, shutting off the gas flow immediately. Preventing gas from leaking to the surroundings reduces the risk of fire, property damage, and possible injury.

GTI’s research team partnered with OPW to create the award-winning device. OTD, a ratepayer-supported R&D consortium of natural gas utilities working together to develop technology solutions for safe and reliable infrastructure operations, provided input and funding for the effort. Numerous lab destructive tests were conducted, in addition to impact and vehicular crash tests, followed by extensive and successful utility field trials. OPW will commercialize the technology and distribute it through various natural gas component distributors in North America.

The Innovation Awards reflect NARUC’s commitment to promoting the exchange of knowledge and recognizing innovative utility solutions to regulatory issues. The thought leaders receiving these awards are working with NARUC to help regulators understand how industries are using cutting-edge technologies and the beneficial impact they have on customers and the industry.

The award was presented at the NARUC 130th Annual Meeting and Education Conference in Orlando, Florida earlier today. GTI will present the technology at the Innovation Showcase on Tuesday, November 13 at 2:00 p.m. in session B5.

NARUC is a non-profit organization comprised of governmental agencies engaged in the regulation of telecommunications, energy, and water utilities and carriers throughout the United States. NARUC’s Task Force on Innovation was established to assist the Association track, adapt, and be resilient to new trends and opportunities to bring diverse technologies to utility regulation.

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