GTI Appoints New Officers

May 3, 2019
Des Plaines, IL

On April 10, 2019, the GTI Board of Directors approved the election of new officers.

Quinton Ford was elected as Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary. Quinton leads all aspects of GTI’s legal resources and interests. He joined the company in 2006 and previously served as Acting General Counsel, Assistant General Counsel, and in roles involving technology commercialization and oversight of the company’s subsidiaries and equity holdings. He has served as an officer and/or on boards of directors of numerous GTI subsidiaries and affiliates.

Two other senior leaders who joined the GTI team in early 2019 were also elected as officers.

Dr. Paula Gant, who joined the company in February, was elected as Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Innovation. In this new position, Paula oversees the evolution of GTI’s corporate strategy to build value as a leader deploying technology-based energy and environmental solutions that enable safe, efficient, clean and affordable energy supplies. In previous roles, Paula focused on technology, market, and policy solutions at the U.S. Department of Energy, the American Gas Association, and Duke Energy Corporation.

In early April, Michael Rutkowski joined the company. As the Senior Vice President, Research and Technology Development, Mike directs GTI’s research organization— spanning unconventional supply, energy conversion, natural gas delivery, and end use programs. Prior to GTI, he was a managing director in the energy practice of Navigant, and led customer engagements in energy consulting at Bearingpoint, Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, and CSC Consulting. Early in his career, he worked at Sargent & Lundy as a senior engineer, and served as a power applications field engineer at GE.

Notes David Carroll, GTI President and CEO, "These new appointments will serve our organization well and enable our customers' continued success, as well as our own. Each of them has extensive experience, deep knowledge of customer needs and technology trends, and a strong track record delivering results.

"I am looking forward to Quinton's ongoing contributions to the vision and leadership of our organization. Paula has an outstanding ability to cultivate relationships and drive collaboration, which will help us advance technology development and commercialization around the globe. Based on his progressive and varied experiences, Mike has a unique capability to bridge technology, strategy, and investment considerations in helping clients propel their business during these rapidly changing times.

"They will help GTI address the most pressing issues impacting energy systems worldwide."

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