Gas Distribution Engineering: System Planning (Week 2)

June 5-9, 2023 | GTI Energy HQ | $2250

Course Overview:

Gas Distribution Engineering has played an essential role in the training of thousands of distribution engineers for 70 years. This comprehensive course consists of two 4-day weeks. You may register for both weeks or you may register for only one of the weeks, either Week 1, Piping Systems and Materials, or Week 2, System Planning. (If you are taking this course as part of the Registered Gas Distribution Professional, or RGDP, certificate program, you must complete both weeks, although not necessarily in the same year.)

The Week 2 System Planning course features activities that show you how to use the new information you're learning to solve real-life work problems. You'll also get important information on economics and safety issues. Instruction methods include presentations, along with interactive discussions and group exercises. Assignments will be given during the course and a final exam will be administered on the last day of the course.

CEU 3.4 | PDH 34

Target Audience:

  • Engineers who want to bridge the gap between formal schooling and gas industry technology
  • Those with specialized experience who want to broaden and update their knowledge of gas distribution engineering

Topics Covered:

  • measurement principles;
  • meter fundamentals;
  • pressure regulation principles;
  • overpressure protection;
  • gas supply planning;
  • gas control operations;
  • system design principles and considerations;
  • load estimating;
  • gas flow principles and equations;
  • system modeling;
  • enhancing pressure by redirecting flow

If you're registering with a company colleague (or two or more) at the same time, you can save an additional 10%. (The 10% discount applies only to two or more students taking the same class and does not apply to two students taking separate courses.) Contact us if you plan to use the team discount.

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