Delivering Quantitative Data to Support Natural Gas Standby and Emergency Generators

GTI Energy, along with Utilization Technology Development (UTD), Operations Technology Development (OTD), the American Gas Association (AGA), and other market players, is working to ensure natural gas service reliability is properly incorporated into emergency power and standby power supply codes and standards.

Through technical studies and interactions with industry associations, researchers are presenting scientific data to overcome perceptions that have been barriers to onsite natural gas power generation for standby and emergency service.

One prime example is the recent GTI Energy report on Assessment of Natural Gas and Electric Distribution Service Reliability. It analyzes factual data to summarize availability of natural gas and electric distribution services to homes and businesses, and the frequency or likelihood of annual outages. These quantified metrics illustrate that natural gas distribution systems operate at exceptional levels of service availability. Underground natural gas pipelines are typically not vulnerable to weather conditions such as high winds and ice storms, and have proven stable and dependable throughout most major weather events.

To provide customers looking at onsite standby generators with a tool to help with decision making, a total cost of ownership calculator was developed to compare the business case for natural gas and diesel. GTI Energy worked with Generac, a major generator set manufacturer, to create this tool which is available at

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