Center for Methane Research (CMR) White Paper Provides Insight on Atmospheric Methane’s Impact on Global Warming

February 14, 2018
Des Plaines, IL

A new white paper developed by GTI’s Center for Methane Research (CMR) addresses questions regarding the impact of atmospheric methane in global warming—technically identified as radiative forcing—and what role fossil fuels play. The paper integrates greenhouse gas radiative forcing data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, along with national and international annual greenhouse gas emissions data. The findings provide an estimate of the relative contribution of different methane emission sources—including worldwide use of fossil fuels and the United States’ use of natural gas—to global warming.

GTI launched the CMR consortium in 2016 to serve as a technical information resource on the presence and impacts of methane in the atmosphere, with a focus on the interconnected role of natural gas production, delivery, and use. Nearly 20 participant companies have come together to support the CMR on a range of issues related to the real-world impact of methane emissions on climate change.

New studies on methane emissions and impact on global warming are being conducted and published at an unprecedented rate, and some of the materials are contradictory. The CMR delivers insight into how these studies relate and explores opportunities for using the enormous amount of data to gain an improved understanding of atmospheric methane concentrations. The ultimate goal is to identify pathways to a net reduction in methane’s contribution to global warming.

In addition to collecting and analyzing existing data, the CMR acts as a liaison between industry, university researchers, government researchers, regulators, and other groups to foster collaboration. The Center for Methane Research (CMR) website provides an information portal and also offers members access to methane emission calculator tools that can deliver customized solutions for their specific companies. A copy of the new white paper outlining the role of methane emissions on global warming is available on the CMR website, under the Documents tab.

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