Assisting Operators in Selecting the Most Appropriate Inspection Technology

GTI is creating a software tool to assist the pipeline industry in developing a strategic plan for developing and selecting inspection technologies. This inspection technology selection tool (in the form of a relational database) will assist operators in selecting the most appropriate inspection technology for a specific pipe segment to address the unique threats based on the pipe’s vintage, known material properties, and construction techniques. The industry will also be able to quantify the potential market for new inspection technologies based on the gaps identified by the software tool.

The tool will combine the results of two current research projects to provide a method to optimize the use of integrity management resources. It will recommend the use of inspection technologies based on their ability to detect defects and threats most likely to occur on specific pipe segments based on mill and construction practices and other material and environmental characteristics. The tool will identify pipe configurations and threats that current technologies cannot address, thereby optimizing new technology development and allowing the industry to focus R&D efforts toward the highest priority applications.

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