Assessing the Carbon Intensity of Hydrogen Production with HyPEC

Hydrogen has the potential to play a significant role in decarbonizing our energy systems. There is a need among stakeholders and the broader public for a simple-to-use and accessible tool to assess the life cycle carbon intensity  of hydrogen production.

The carbon intensity of hydrogen production can vary considerably, even for the same technologies and using the same energy feedstocks, due to variations in technology performance and/or emissions associated with processes upstream of the hydrogen production facility. To understand the relative greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts of various hydrogen production methods, the nuance and sensitivity associated with these parameters must be considered.

GTI Energy has developed the Hydrogen Production Emissions Calculator (HyPEC), a digital life cycle assessment (LCA) tool that allows users to evaluate the carbon emissions intensity of various hydrogen production methods under varying assumptions and inputs. HyPEC provides quick access to credible LCA results by leveraging the rigorous methodology of the GREET model, a widely recognized and established LCA tool developed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory.

This transparent, publicly available tool empowers users to explore key variables and provides information, resources, and an calculator for evaluating their impact on the carbon intensity of hydrogen production technologies quickly and easily. It will facilitate productive, pragmatic conversations regarding the role of hydrogen in energy transitions.

Our Hydrogen Production Emissions Calculator is a user-friendly tool that allows anyone to estimate carbon intensity in the hydrogen economy

HyPEC Combined Lookup and Calculation Approach

HyPEC Combined Lookup And Calculation Approach

What qualifies for the new federal Clean Hydrogen Production Tax Credit? It depends.

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