​Producing Liquid Biofuels

Data analysis and reporting to support the design of commercial biofuel plants in Europe were completed in 2011, successfully concluding the 3+ year project. Testing provided Andritz and their client UPM-Kymmene, a global forestry company, with process data for their biomass-to-liquids (BTL) development program. UPM selected 2 potential building sites, in either Finland or France, for the biorefinery location and completed environmental impact assessments. An investment decision on this first-of-a-kind installation pending NER300 funding from the European Union.

E.ON joined the project team as a cosponsor, which demonstrated most of the core technology necessary for their biomass to SNG interest, and later cooperated on an EU –funded project, Bio2G, with Andritz for the engineering for a project based on the technology.​

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