Helping to “decarbonize” the global energy mix with increased hydrogen use

GTI focuses its R&D efforts on the generation of clean hydrogen using hydrocarbon fuels that incorporate carbon capture and/or carbon sequestration in a cost-effective manner. These technology efforts are directed at both large-scale hydrogen production using natural gas feedstock, and smaller distributed hydrogen production for transportation or remote power generation using either gaseous or liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

In addition, GTI has partnered with government and private industry to develop, evaluate, and demonstrate technologies that further the use of hydrogen (H2) as a transportation fuel by delivering infrastructure, vehicle, engine, fuel dispensing, and system solutions for clean transportation fuel cell vehicles.

GTI is the leader in supporting safe and reliable natural gas pipeline infrastructure. We have leveraged this expertise to fully assess the impacts of injecting hydrogen into the North American natural gas pipeline infrastructure network. This and component performance work looks at material compatibility in the pipeline delivery infrastructure as well as the ability for end-use equipment to utilize hydrogen blended with natural gas.

GTI has expertise in new storage and conversion technologies with materials development and testing. Using functional materials to store hydrogen and methane can increase gas storage capacities at lower and safe pressures. Key elements of GTI storage projects have focused on hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles.

GTI is an established leader in hydrogen and fuel cell technology with initiatives focused on hydrogen generation, transport, storage, and use. GTI supports research and product development activities as well as demonstration projects that highlight the latest in emerging hydrogen-fueled transportation and power generation technologies from a variety of industry partners.

Key Initiatives

Delivering high-impact, value-added research and technical services

Hydrogen Generation

Cost-Competitive Hydrogen Generation with Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture

Alt Trans CAFCP

Managing the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) to Create a Sustainable Future for Zero-Emission Vehicles

Hydrogen Molecule

Generating Fuel Cell-Quality Hydrogen and Inherently Capturing or Sequestering CO2 with a Liquid Phase Reformer

Molecular Hydrogen White

Creating Carbon-Free Hydrogen From Ammonia

Pipeline Aboveground

Assessing Hydrogen Compatibility in the Natural Gas Infrastructure

FAST TRACK TransPower Trucks

Reducing Air Pollution With FAST TRACK Fuel Cell Truck Project for Zero-Emission Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Closeup of nozzle inserted in fuel tank opening of fuel cell vehicle; hydrogen refueling

Increasing the Efficiency of Hydrogen Fueling with a Free-Piston Expander for Hydrogen Cooling

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