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November 17-19, 2020 | Virtual Conference

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There are many advantages to being a CH4 Connections sponsor. Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to support technical excellence in methane emissions or expand awareness of your corporate presence at the event, there’s an opportunity for you. View our sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities and plan to represent your company and network with leading organizations and high-level influencers at CH4 Connections.

Gold Sponsors

Hydromax USA is a leading-edge service provider specializing in infrastructure data collection for pin-pointing and assessing the condition of our country’s aging water, wastewater and natural gas conveyance systems. Our areas of solutions and services include Water, Sewer and Natural Gas.

In the area of Natural Gas, our Utilisafe™ suite of solutions puts critical data at your fingertips for planning, operations and regulatory compliance. These solutions are based on a unique, comprehensive combination of processes, GIS platforms and rigorous QA/ QC requirements that provide high-confidence, verifiable results. We understand the details needed for successful cross bore identification and elimination projects better than any other company.

Since 2013, Kairos Aerospace has provided a range of aerial solutions to oil and gas industry clients and stakeholders to better understand emissions and operational efficiency. Using the latest aircraft-based methane spectrometry, thermal infrared, and optical imaging technologies, Kairos’ proprietary data service identifies actionable opportunities for our customers to reduce emissions and improve field performance. To date, Kairos helped oil and gas operators reduce more than 6 billion cubic feet of methane emissions from oil and gas infrastructure in the United States and Canada..

SENSIT Technologies designs, manufactures and services a complete line of gas leak detection instruments, combustible gas indicators and confined space monitors. Their product-line also includes vehicle mounted methane detectors and underground pipe locators.

Silver Sponsors

Bridger’s Gas Mapping LiDAR™, which was awarded an R&D 100 Award for 2019, is changing the way methane emissions are discovered and managed throughout the entire natural gas value chain. Bridger sensitively scans natural gas infrastructure from the air, never entering client facilities, and delivers to our customers the precise GPS location and leak rate for each emission source, along with an image of the methane plume, to inform and facilitate ground crew response and repair efforts. This disruptive technology uses proprietary laser-based remote sensor hardware and analytics to reduce the cost of emissions reduction, while improving safety and operational efficiency.

  • Safety: Bridger Photonics provides auditable geo-registered coverage swaths and industry-leading airborne detection sensitivity to reduce exposure of field personnel to hazards and to provide peace of mind knowing an important leak has not been missed.
  • Operational Efficiency: Bridger provides an “answer key” indicating which areas have leaks (and which don’t), we quantify the leak rates, and locate the leak sources, all to save our clients time and money.

GHGSat provides actionable methane emissions data and insights to businesses, governments, and regulators worldwide. The firm is the first on the market to combine its own satellite and aircraft sensors, offering greater data accuracy and facilitating timely strategic decision making insights at a fraction of the cost of other technologies.

With proprietary remote-sensing capabilities and patented technology, GHGSat can monitor emissions from individual facilities. These high resolution, frequent measurements are complemented by industry-specific analytics services to deliver valuable emission data and predictive insights to support business profitability, operational agility, environmental imperatives as well as health and safety objectives.

Heath Consultants is the leading service provider, manufacturer and distributor for a wide range of gas detection, pipe and cable locating and odorant analysis equipment including the Detecto-Pak Infrared+ (DP-IR+™), Remote Methane Leak Detector Complete Solution (RMLD-CS®), EyeCGas – Optical Gas Imaging and our line of multi-functional gas detectors the Gasurveyor 700 series. Heath’s products and services are designed to meet the midstream, upstream and downstream markets. Our services include walking and mobile leak surveys, gas leak pinpointing, odor complaint response, greenhouse gas emissions programs, underground utility mark-outs/locating, meter reading, meter change-out/AMR/AMI and a number of support services.

Kuva Systems offers an industrial IoT solution that visually continuously monitors and quantifies methane and VOC emissions, providing you with actionable alerts with no false positive readings. Our scanning infrared imaging system automatically detects and measures emissions, delivering direct alerts. Annotated video clips of the emissions together with quantification results are directly transferred to your own work order management and production operation systems. Armed with this unique actionable information, you can plan and implement mitigation and repairs without the need for and expense of secondary manual inspections.

Picarro is the industry leader in advanced leak detection and emissions quantification for natural gas distribution. Picarro’s Asset Management Solution is a hardware-enabled data analytics platform that combines mobile methane emissions measurements and other data sources with powerful analytics, enabling natural gas operators to manage their networks to be more safe, clean and cost-effective than ever before, increasing capital efficiency while simultaneously reducing risk in their infrastructure. For leak survey, analytics rank leak indications by potential risk allowing utilities to focus on the most important leaks, keeping backlogs under control and maximizing the risk reduction impact per dollar of expense. For DIMP, pipe segments are ranked by emissions and predicted leak density to better inform capital pipe replacement priorities, providing significant O&M cost avoidance due to avoided leaks. Emissions are reduced by targeting the highest-emitting leaks within the infrastructure.

Bronze Sponsors

The American Gas Association represents more than 200 local energy companies committed to the safe and reliable delivery of clean natural gas to more than 71 million customers throughout the nation.

SeekOps Inc. develops intelligent sensor technology and provides inspection services for the energy industry to detect, localize, and quantify natural gas emissions through integrated drone-based systems. Using their proprietary methane sensing technology, SeekOps enables comprehensive emissions inspection in a fraction of the time required by traditional ground surveys, resulting in significant cost savings for operators. SeekOps’ unique industry-leading sensor design localizes emissions sources without false positive readings and has provided actionable data to oil and gas companies and utilities in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) scientists and engineers are R&D problem solvers providing independent, premier services to government and industry clients. SwRI's multidisciplinary nature allows its employees to rapidly assemble diverse teams to tackle problems from multiple directions. SwRI pushes the boundaries of science and technology to develop innovative solutions that advance the state of the art and improve human health and safety. Operating as a nonprofit since its 1947 founding, SwRI works in the public’s best interest and toward the betterment of humankind.


GTI is a leading research, development and training organization addressing energy and environmental challenges to enable a secure, abundant, and affordable energy future. For over 75 years, we have been providing economic value by developing technology-based solutions for industry, government, and consumers. GTI has unique capabilities in alternative energy development, including extensive experience in the design and ope​ration of thermochemical conversion systems. Our programs focus on reducing market and technology risks through innovations and applied research and development.

The Energy Institute is a cross-campus, interdisciplinary collaboration administered by the Office of the Vice President for Research that spans all eight colleges and extends off campus to a global network of public and private partners. It serves as a convening and collaboration hub for faculty, staff, students, donors, sponsors, alumni, and other stakeholders and is underpinned by over 160 faculty involved in all aspects of energy research, education, outreach, and entrepreneurship.

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