Our Joint Industry Program will help you advance your understanding of sCO2 technology and development of high-efficiency power generation at your company.

A Joint Industry Program (JIP) has been formed to provide a mechanism for industry partners to participate in, provide guidance to, and benefit from STEP Demo. This is an open project and all parties are welcome to join through the JIP. All participants will be afforded protection of their proprietary data.

STEP Demo is being built as a reconfigurable facility to accommodate future testing of sCO2 components and system/cycle configurations and upgrades.

Industry partners can be involved throughout the project life cycle at two levels: JIP Steering Committee and JIP Associate.


  • Full voting membership on technical plans/direction
  • Ability to guide program to best support member interests
  • Direct participation in bi-monthly advisory meetings
  • Real-time access to proprietary program data
  • Opportunity for facility visits and training on equipment and operations at facility
  • Receipt of proprietary quarterly status reports
  • Receipt of proprietary/technical reports
  • Preferential opportunity to license system IP


  • Attend in-depth, bi-annual technical interchange meetings in U.S.
  • Receipt of proprietary quarterly status reports
  • Receipt of proprietary technical reports
  • Opportunity for facility visits



For more information, contact Markus Lesemann directly.