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The project team led by GTI integrates the strengths of several team members, the U.S. Department of Energy, and industry partners.

STEP Demo Team Members

GTI as the prime contractor to DOE is responsible for overall project management, systems engineering and integration, technology management, major component procurements, and ultimately management of pilot testing.

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) will provide the host site for the test facility in San Antonio, TX, performing the facility design engineering and construction of the test facility. SwRI will perform facility commissioning as well as execute test operations.

GE-Global Research is supporting technology management as well as systems engineering and integration. GE is providing the technical definition for the turbomachinery (turbines and compressors) as well as other first-of-a-kind sCO2 related components.

Project Partners

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US Department of Energy and National Energy Technology Laboratory logos

Several other project partners have joined a Joint Industry Program to guide the test activities and benefit from having access to test data and intellectual property.

Steering Committee Members

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Industry Partners

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Academic Partner

Discussions are underway with the University of Houston to forge a partnership under State of Texas funding to create educational opportunities related to sCO2 applications for graduate students.


Interested in partnering?

Understand how sCO2 technology can improve high-efficiency
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For more information, contact Markus Lesemann directly or call 818.405.9564

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